“Self Portraits" 2D Worldwide Online Group Exhibition | July 1 – 30, 2020

all artists to submit one new self portrait that must reflect the artist’s
feelings about being socially distanced during the 2020 PANDEMIC.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Submissions must be received by latest May 31st, 2020 (12:00hrs GMT)

1. Pay the $20 entry fee (YOU MUST ENTER THE $20.00 AMOUNT) here.
2. Send an email with your name, title of work, signature location, certificate of authenticity (yes or no), and attach a jpg. Hit SEND.
3. That's it! *

* Selected artists will receive an email notification with a request to provide bio and 150-word essay to appear in the exhibition catalog. All non-selected artists will receive a thank you letter from the curator.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to artists in all 2D media from all over the world. One entry per artist.
COST: 20 USD to submit (first 30 submissions received are FREE); All selected artists will be required to pay processing, maintenance, marketing & promotion fee of 500 USD through my secure PayPal account.
SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Dimensions on 2D artwork may measure 100 cm x 100 cm/40 inches x 40 inches  (Please Do NOT include framing in measurements). Submission image must be in .jpg format of 5000 x 5000 pixels 300dpi sent as attachment to [email protected]

- Online exhibition for a duration of 30 days
- Press Release Distribution to Media
- Translation of Press Releases in Italian and Greek and distribution to the local media)
- Social Media Coverage starting as soon as the show is booked and confirmed (June 2020)
- eInvitations to Collectors, Dealers and Lovers of Art
- Presentation of the show on a dedicated page on the website of INAOSSIEN Art (similar to this one: https://inaossien.art/solidarite)
- Exhibition Catalogue Published on Apple’s Book Store Free to Download on all Apple Devices (similar to this one: Exhibition Catalogue:   Alice  https://books.apple.com/us/book/id1508618194) including a 150-word essay from each artist
- Exhibition Artwork


The fine print:

SALES: Curator will direct all relevant inquiries about purchasing your art to the artist by email and all transactions regarding the sale of works are the sole responsibility of the artist. No commission is taken for sales and no additional fees other than the 20 USD entry fee and 500 USD services fee for selected artists are required.

FORCE MAJEUR: This exhibition and all services that are accompanying it are offered online. Based on that we cannot guarantee that the websites and platforms involved will be available at all times. They may experience software, hardware, or other problems or may need to provide maintenance resulting in interruptions, delays or errors.